How to create a new document in Photoshop with quick steps

First, you need to launch the Photoshop application. After opening, select File->New from the top bar. After that open below new document window.

Photoshop New Document Window

In (A section) There are 5 main categories: Photo, Print, Art and illustration, web, Mobile and Film and Video.


You have to select one category to go next step. Generally, if we want to edit photos or something we need to select the photo category. (B section) After selecting the suitable category we need to set the width and height of the document. We can give the values in pixel, inches, centimetres, millimetre, points or picas.


Then, you need to type resolution it’s 72 or 300 in pixel and inches values. After that we need to select colour mode. There are five colour modes: RGB, CMYK, BitMap, Grayscale and lab colour.

A lot of users choose RGB colour mode as the default colour. Finally, we need to select background colour. There are three colours white, black and background colour (this is also the colour option)


You should select one background colour and click create. In (C section) display your recent documents. (you have created previously)

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