Photoshop Image Manipulation Tutorial: Glowing Moon

In this tutorial, you can learn how to blend images using Photoshop and make creative digital artwork using photo editing techniques.

So I explain all the things step by step and also I have provided a video capturing the making of this photo manipulation.

If you are new to Photoshop you have to learn basic photo editing techniques. I have explained basics in my previous article. You can also refer my youtube tutorials for this.

OK lets begin

I have used three images to create this image. First, you have to create new document file>new  (figure:1)

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 1

Step 1: Set background and place girl.jpg image

Drag and drop girl.jpg image into Photoshop document.

place that image on the right side of the new document.

Resize the image using the translate option(ctrl+t).

By clicking on the lock icon, convert the smart object to a normal layer.

Select the eyedropper tool and select the background colour of the girl.jpg image. (figure: 2)

Select paint bucket tool and apply selected colour into layer one background. (figure: 3)

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 2
Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 3

Step 2: Place moon.jpg and using selection

Select the moon.jpg image from the folder.

Drag and drop that image into the document.

Select the moon image layer and drag and drop it on top of all other layers.

Open quick selection tool.

Select moon using selection tool and copy using ctrl+c. otherwise, click file>copy. (Figure: 4)

Create a new layer from the layer options in the bottom.

Paste copied image using ctrl+v or file>paste.

Place the moon at woman’s eye level(girl.jpg). (Figure: 5)

Make image scale up.

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 4
Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 5

Step 3: Add colours using brush tool

Create a new layer (layer 2)

Select brush tool. Size should be 1000px (soft brush)

You can change brush size using square brackets (pressing [ & ])

You can learn more shortcut keys at adobe Photoshop official website. Using shortcut keys you can do your work faster

click foreground colour for choosing colour.

Type #0efad0 hash code in the box. (important: when you are typing the hash code you must type without the hash. Reason is # is already provided)

Click on the center of the image using brush tool(layer 2). (Figure: 6)

After that, set blend mode. For this, click blend mode dropdown and select multiply option. (Figure: 7)

Add colour to the whole face by clicking her face with the brush tool  (Figure: 8)

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 6
Photoshop Glowing moon
Figure: 7
Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 8

Step 4: Add Some glowing effects to the moon

Create another new layer (layer 3)

Again select brush tool and change the size to 400px

Drag that layer below layer 1

Click on the middle of the moon image and it will apply the colour. (Figure: 9)

This will apply the same colour we selected previously (hash code).

You will see a neon-green glow below the moon.

After that, you need to select blend mode. For that click blend mode dropdown and select luminosity option. (Figure: 10)

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 9
Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 10

Step 5: Insert space-start.jpg

Finally, select space-star image.

Drag and drop into canvas/document

Resize the image to make it small and place it between the woman and moon

Rotate image by 19 degrees. (Figure: 11)

Select blend mode and choose lighten option. (Figure: 12)

Select erase tool and choose soft erase from brush pallet.

Erase highlighted edged in the space-start image.

Press ctrl+t to transform the image.

There were highlighted starts and you should low up light using erase tool.

Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 11
Photoshop glowing moon
Figure: 12

In this video, you will learn how to use a glowing effect on your images. I hope you enjoy this video. please like, comment and subscribe!

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